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If you're turning 65, Vitruvian Care is here to help

 Celebrating a milestone birthday can also bring up questions about how your healthcare may change. Vitruvian Care IPA understands the unique considerations of your age group, including:

  • Relocating to a new area

  • Retiring

  • Losing employer coverage

  • Understanding Medicare eligibility and benefits


Contact our knowledgeable representatives to get started. And understand that the core of our commitment to the following:


Primary-care partnerships. Our experienced, compassionate primary-care doctors partner with you to help you understand your whole health. That means when new or chronic conditions need attention, you will work together on treatment options and finding specialists. Every step of the way, your primary-care physician stays informed, involved and interested.


Collaborating with major insurers. An IPA is only as good as its network, so we make strengthening our relationships with major insurers a priority. That means we tailor our services to closely align with your coverage and monitor plans for changes so there aren’t any surprises.

Let Vitruvian be your guide through this important stage of life. Call us today for more information.


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