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Aging with Vitruvian Care

If you're turning 65, Vitruvian Care is here to help

If you’re 65 or getting close, it’s time to make some important decisions about your health and care options.

Are you wondering:

  • Does my coverage change if I move?

  • What happens when I retire?

  • Will I lose my employer’s coverage?

  • If I’m still working, am I eligible for Medicare?

  • Will I have coverage for behavioral or memory-related conditions?


Vitruvian is here to help. Here’s how.


Our doctors are committed to your care through each age and stage. Your connection to your primary-care physician allows a broad picture of your health in wellness and illness alike. When it comes time to screen for conditions common with advanced age, including depression, dementia and mobility impairments, we are able to proactively and progressively address them.


We team with your insurance plan. Thanks to our strong partnerships with many of the biggest, best-known, and affordable plans, you won’t be held back in qualifying and obtaining the care you need, when you need it.


We anticipate and develop the services you need most. Vitruvian is constantly changing, adapting to the market and our client base in order to provide the care and services you require and deserve.


Vitruvian places a special focus on senior care, and we’re honored to be part of your life.

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