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Why should I make a family doctor, internist or general practitioner the central role in my healthcare team?

Getting to know you as a patient means following your health journey through both ups and downs. When a family doctor sees you on a regular basis, and at different stages of your life, he or she develops a deeper understanding of the kind of care you need going forward in order to both get and stay healthy.


What is a family doctor?

Also known as a family practitioner, a family doctor possesses a wide range of experience and skill in treating patients across ages and stages. Well-versed in the whole body, your family doctor can address chronic and acute illness, and will refer you to a specialist whenever it’s necessary for your continued care.


What is a specialist?

With advanced training and degrees in specific medicine – for example, oncology (cancer) or cardiology (heart), specialists can focus on certain diseases and conditions outside of the scope of a family doctor.


What happens if I need to see a specialist?

When you’re managing a health, your focus needs to be on taking care of you. Vitruvian Care will help you connect with the right specialist for your condition for further examination or treatment.